Friday, March 12, 2010

Congressional Black Caucus Keeps Frustrations with Obama Quiet


Life for members of the CBC is not better with a Black president in office?

How can this be?

Maybe it’s because the Democrat Party really loves Black people’s votes more than they really love Black people in general. Of course that’s not the “template” that Democrats operated under to garner 95% of the Black vote.

I’ve been telling my friends these thing for years, but be that as it may, the mental enslavement of Black to the Democrat party continues.

Hey, CBC you’re lucky not more of your members are not going to jail with their stealing taxpayer money via non-profits.

Talk about being ungrateful.

The Washington Post reports:

A year ago, members of the Congressional Black Caucus openly wept at Barack Obama's inauguration. Slowly, that euphoria has given way to frustration that his administration has not done more for black America. Questions about how to elect him have been replaced by questions about how to prod him.

Black Caucus frustrated but reluctant to say so
For many, it is the surprise of a political lifetime that they find themselves wrestling with such quandaries.

Alternately puzzled and disgruntled, CBC members say key people in the Obama administration have taken them for granted, in the belief that black members of Congress have no stomach for a fight with the country's first black president.

"We concluded they were just kind of listening to us and that then they would go back [to their offices] and conclude that we would do nothing," Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), the vice chairman of the CBC, said of one dispute. "Because they had concluded there's a black president in the White House and that, to some degree, the Black Caucus, you know, was constrained in expressing its desires. After a while, we said, 'Hey, we see what's going on and it's nothing.' "

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Democrats taking Black folk for granted?


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  1. It is really not surprising that Democrats would take the CBC and blacks for granted, after all they get 90% of their vote no matter what they do. The DNC could adopt a flaming cross for it symbol and the blacks would still vote for them. Just the way it is for now in America. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but been busy reworking my many blogs, still a work in progress.

  2. Ron

    It's always good to hear from you.


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