Saturday, May 14, 2011

BUMPED-UPDATEWoman Ameneh Bahrami blinded by scorned lover Majid Movahedi acid into his eyes sentence postponed!

I didn’t know they roll this way in Iran. I feel bad for this woman who used to be quite beautiful. But, doing to him what he did to her is not the answer at all.

Daily Mail reports a woman who was blinded when a scorned lover threw acid in her eyes has the chance to get a gruesome revenge today.

A court in Iran has given permission for 32 year-old Ameneh Bahrami to get her own back by pouring acid in the eyes of her attacker, a fellow student at Tehran University.

The court's OId Testament ruling - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - has sparked controversy even in Iran where medieval justice still holds sway. But Ameneh still appears bent on revenge.
Twenty-seven year old Majid Movahedi threw sulphuric acid in her eyes at a bus-stop in 2004 after he had begged her in vain to marry him.
For months he had stalked her and she was left blind and disfigured. She later underwent 19 operations.

The court awarded her £19,000 in compensation and Majid went to jail. But Ameneh did not want the money.

She wanted her attacker to suffer the same anguish she was forced to endure for more than six years.

'His mother phoned my parents. She asked for mercy.

'She said that Majid would always work for me if he could keep his eyes. But now it's too late,' she was reported as saying yesterday.

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It’s horrible what happened to this woman. However, getting revenge like this won’t sooth her soul and most likely will end up hurting herself more than she realizes.

There’s power in forgiveness, not raw vengeance.

UPDATE 5/15/11

Fury at Iran's 'eye-for-an-eye' acid punishment as sentence is branded 'cruel and inhumane'

Daily Mail reports a punishment in which an Iranian man was to be blinded by having acid dropped into his eyes has been postponed after international condemnation.

Majid Movahedi was convicted and sentenced for pouring a bucket of acid over Ameneh Bahrami after she rejected his marriage proposals.

The attack left her blind and severely disfigured.

The court-ordered retribution was due to have been carried out yesterday in Tehran. But it is understood the authorities in the Iranian capital decided to postpone the punishment, which is allowed under Sharia law if the victim requests it, because of national and international disquiet including concerns raised by the British Government.

Yesterday Ms Bahrami told Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news service: ‘I was very happy that this was going to end today.

‘And yes, I was going to carry out the punishment myself, but I was afraid that I would get acid on my hands, so a doctor was going to do it. It’s been six years that I’ve been waiting. The verdict is completely legal.’

More details here

This is another reason why we cannot accept Sharia law in the United States in any way shape or fashion. Sorry no Sharai courts here, thank you very much.

Iran is already an outlaw nation that supports and sponsors terrorism. This won't help their image one bit.

Where is the virtue of forgiveness in Islam? Obviously it doesn’t exist. So how can this be considered a great religion?

Islam is religion of peace?

My left foot!


  1. Maybe it will discourage the next idiot to do the same to another woman, knowing that it will come back to bite him! Even if it discourages just one sole sick individual like this in the future, her action had at least one positive result.

  2. I love it. At last, as barbaric as they are, the Iranians have at last applied some kind of standard of fairness towards a woman victim. I don't think she should have to stop with blinding the asshole and similarly disfiguring him with acid. I think she should also be allowed, and even encouraged, to cut his fucking dick off.

  3. I think this solution is really over the top. What's the point of becoming exactly like the evil you're fighting?

  4. Why is her eye blue in that photo? Something's not right there...


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