Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chinese orphan abandoned in cardboard box because of her giant hairy mole celebrates amazing surgery with new American family The Roots

The next time Thomas Friedman, columnist for the NY Times, writes another article waxing poetic about the greatness of China, shove this story down his throat.

Daily Mail reports when an Oklahoma couple came across the nameless Chinese baby girl on an international adoption page, they immediately fell for her large brown eyes.  

At the time Amy and Benjamin Root could barely see the rest of the baby's small face, obscured as it was by a huge black growth.

The dark hairy mask-like 'nevus' is considered bad luck in China, and was probably the reason she was abandoned in a cardboard box.   

The mole was also a serious danger to her health as it was likely to develop into a malignant melanoma.  But, the couple say, they knew from the very beginning that she would become a part of their family.

Now, the tiny baby without a name is Margaret 'Maisy' Root, who just celebrated her third birthday and the anniversary of the removal of the growth with her new family, the Oklahoman reported.

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It wasn’t Egypt, France or Switzerland who stepped up and save this little girl, it was an American couple.

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