Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is Michelle Obama having an Affair with a secret service agent?

The mainstream media had no problem publicizing unsubstantiated rumors that Herman Cain sexually harassed four women. 
Yet on April 30, 2010 the National Enquirer, who broke the John Edwards affair story, reported an allegation President Obama had an affair with former campaign aide  Vera Baker.  The mainstream media did nothing to pursue those rumors with same vigor they went after Herman Cain. 
Now, we have brand new allegations of an illicit affair involving First Lady Michelle Obama.  Will the mainstream media get to the bottom of this story?  

American Conservative News via The Globe magazine just released a bombshell and is reporting that Michelle Obama is having a "steamy secret affair" with a Secret Service Agent. According to The Globe, rumors started to circulate that Obama may be having an affair after her recent admission to NBC's Al Roker that she frequently "sneaks out" of the White House; and the ever increasing time she is spending away from the White House may be a cover to hide "a sizzling affair she's carrying on with a Secret Service agent."
According to The Globe's anonymous source: "The rumors are that she's getting it on with a Secret Service agent who is not part of her detail. ... Her frequent outings away from the White House give her and him an opportunity to get together." The source adds: "Something has been going on for a couple of months and there's no question Barack is embarrassed about her increasingly frequent excursions away from him at the White House."
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I hope the mainstream media are still wearing their Herman Cain hats.  But, I’m not holding my breath. 
Story also covered at Gateway Pundit. 

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