Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYC high school teacher Bernadette Camacho gets canned for telling students they have their brains in their asses, then tries to bribe a student to sing her praises

I have mixed feelings about this story because I sympathize with this teacher, these kids roday do have their brains in their asses.  I don’t think the issue is  really up for debate.
New York Post reports a foulmouthed teacher got her butt fired after she told a group of ninth-graders “they had their brains in their ass,” then tried to bribe a student to save her hide, officials said.
The city Department of Education accused Bernadette Camacho, 39, of verbally abusing social-studies students at Hillcrest HS in Queens, according to investigation documents The Post obtained through a Freedom of Information request.
But during the hearings that would decide her fate, the teacher tried to coerce a flunking female student to sing her praises in court in exchange for a passing grade, officials said.
The plan backfired.
The student told her mother, who in turn informed Camacho that if the teacher didn’t stop pressuring her daughter with cellphone calls, she would alert police.
Camacho approached the girl at school and told her, “Thank you for making my life worse,” according to a probe by schools investigator Richard Condon.
Condon found that Camacho called the student five times, including on March 20 at 6:44 p.m., the night before a pre-hearing conference on the disciplinary charges the teacher faced.

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I would have to step aside from Camacho for the bribery attempt.  She would’ve been much better off profusely apologizing for telling the truth.    

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  1. I am not defending the above person in question; however, the media tends to spin the testimony of such individuals in order to present them in a negative light. The newspapers create stories with such salacious titles in order to grab the attention of most readers, in particular even on the very first day of the New Year.

    I could only hope that we are community of readers that not only question the credibility of most stories, but to become an informed about such facts that are displayed in such manner, in particular detailing the slings and arrows of ones fate.

  2. Samuel, I taught American History, Government and Economics in senior high for a number of years---I had many good students and some with their heads up their butts. The teacher probably told the truth but the truth these days is not politically correct and you never make a statement like that to the group. But the calls by the teacher to the student is totally out-of-bounds.

  3. I tend to rough on teachers for their liberalism. I hate teachers unions because they're about getting more money for theachers without any regard for the education of the kids. But, of of course there's some great teachers out there. I've had some terrific ones myself. But, I think the bigger problem is the lousy parenting going on by these baby boomers that want to be friends with their kids instead of parents.


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