Friday, October 12, 2012

Page 3 beauty Rosie Jones stars in 2013 calendar for Big D peanuts

RAVISHING Rosie Jones makes it a day to remember — as she poses for a 2013 calendar.
The 22-year-old Page 3 beauty flew to Los Angeles to shoot a series of sultry snaps for the makers of Big D peanuts. 

Rosie, from Middlesex, is the official model for the bar snack, whose marketing teams have used gorgeous girls to sell their goodies since the 1970s. 

Big D babes are hidden behind packets of peanuts pinned to pub walls — and as more nuts are bought, the more of the girl punters see. 

Rosie’s other revealing outfits in her US-inspired session included a saucy stars-and-stripes bikini top and hotpants.
She’s clearly nut a shy lass — but it’s great that she’s come out of her shell.

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