Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Smiling Joe Biden CAUGHT IN LIE – Said He Played College Football – That’s a flat out lie

That crazy Joe needs to go!

During a campaign stop in Athens, Ohio, on Saturday September 8, Vice President Joe Biden said the last time he was in the town, playing against the Ohio University football team on October 19, 1963, he almost got arrested for walking into a girls’ dormitory

It’s a good story. It’s just not true… at all. Shawn at Free Republic discovered that Joe Biden did not play football at the University of Delaware in 1961, 1962, 1963, or 1964, according to past yearbooks.

More lies here 

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  1. The vice president's office sent First Read a quote from legendary Delaware coach Tubby Raymond, for whom the school's football stadium is now named after, saying, "He was on the team!"
    An aide said Biden did go to the game and, citing his memoir, said he made the varsity team in the spring of his junior year, but did not play in the fall of his junior year when Delaware played Ohio.
    "The Vice President went to Athens with the University of Delaware football team to cheer," an aide said. "As he makes clear in his statement, he played football, but not during the fall of his junior year."

    Sorry Charlie.

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