Monday, October 8, 2012

Video: Paul Ryan Abruptly Ends Interview with Liberal Wise-Ass Reporter

 It’s obvious from the video that this reporter couldn’t care less of what Paul Ryan had to say and wanted to catch Ryan with a “gotcha moment”.   Ryan is too smart for that.  He ain’t Joe Biden. 

Paul Ryan sat down for an interview on Monday with ABC 12 in Flint, Michigan, and things didn't go quite as planned.
In the clip, which was removed from ABC 12's website but captured and posted by BuzzFeed, the station's reporter asks Ryan, "Does this country have a gun problem?'
The GOP vice presidential candidate responds that "this country has a crime problem." When the reporter asks for clarification, Ryan explains that "good, strong gun laws" are currently on the books, "but we have to make sure we enforce our laws."

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