Monday, November 19, 2012

Christina Aguilera is unapologetic about her sexy curvy figure at American Music Awards

It’s become fashionable for the robotic press to knock  Christina Aguilera since she’s gained some weight.  But, I think she looks great.  What the hell the press knows, they support President Obama?  That pretty much disqualifies them from having any sense. 

It's fair to say Christina Aguilera burst onto the AMA's on Sunday evening - showing an unapologetic air of defiance to the skinny as she embraced her fuller figure. 
It was all about the curves for the blonde superstar in two jaw-dropping, clinging outfits, from a tighter than ever lilac dress to a dazzling black corset onstage covered in outlandish stars and spangles.
The 31-year-old singer flung herself into an energetic performance onstage in her tiny black corset after showing off her demure style in her generously gathered lilac gown.

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And I’m not mad at her at all!
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