Sunday, November 25, 2012

GOP Establishment Already Setting Up Moderate Jub Bush for 2016 to Woo Latinos: From a Latino No Thank You!!!

These idiots in the GOP never learn if they were to lose a million elections.  Jeb Bush is a nice guy with some ability.  But, he’s another God Damn Moderate!  However, were he to get the GOP nod, then I would fight my heart out again.  But, I’ve seen this same movie too many times. 

His economic legacy, culminating in the financial crisis, has been widely blamed for the Republicans twice losing the White House to Barack Obama.
But now many in the GOP desperate to recapture the presidency in 2016 are turning to another Bush - Dubya's younger brother Jeb Bush.

The former governor of Florida has long been considered a Republican heavyweight, but he also has one attribute which is fast becoming essential for a presidential hopeful - his appeal to Hispanics.

Many GOP operatives pointed to Mitt Romney's poor showing among Latino voters - he won the support of just 27 per cent - as a key factor in his defeat in this month's election.
 His only competitor to the title of Latinos' leading standard-bearer in the GOP is Marco Rubio, the Florida senator whose parents immigrated from Cuba.
But Rubio, 41, is regarded as a protegé of the 59-year-old Bush, and might well stand aside to allow the older man to run for President.

Bush's advantage among Hispanic voters is by no means the only reason many look to him as the Republicans' savior, however.

While he is a staunch fiscal conservative, he has rejected the hardline anti-tax ideology adopted by the Tea Party which has alienated some moderates.
And he has largely rejected the party's focus on social issues in favor of policy areas of more immediate concern to the average American, such as education reform. 

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