Sunday, November 18, 2012

If Rich Must Pay Their Fair Share, then Why Can’t the 47% Pay at Least Something?

I’m sick of President Obama and the Democrats constantly repeating that the Rich must pay their fair share.  Given that we have a “progressive” tax system that already taxes high income earners the most, then why not in the name of “fairness” can’t the bottom 47% who pay no Federal Income Taxes pay something?

How about 1% or 2% for those who benefit from living in this country?  Shouldn’t they have some skin in the game?   I think it’s immoral that 47% gets away with not paying anything and I don’t trust politicians for trying to drop even more people off the tax rolls in exchange for votes. 

If we’re in such dire fiscal shape then it’s all hands on ship to try and fix the problem.  The wealthy should not become convenient scapegoats for politicians to pit one group against the other. 

I’m used to getting my pockets picked by government.  But, don’t insult my intelligence and rail against the Rich when 47% reap the benefits of living in America, and pay nothing or it.   

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