Saturday, November 17, 2012

It’s Republicans like John Podhoretz, Bobby Jindal and others who abide by Political Correctness that are the problem, not Mitt Romney

Fifteen years ago I made a decision to leave the Republican Party in New York and join the Conservative Party because I got sick and tired of the GOP fecklessness.  Incredibly fifteen years later, these GOPers continue to be a bunch of weak-kneed cowards that insist in operating within the constraints of political correctness that guarantees them defeat on every issue prior to the start of any debate. 

What these stupid Republicans refuse to understand is that Political Correctness hinders free speech to the extent where nothing can be discussed honestly.  How can anybody expect to have the ability of persuasion if certain modes of thinking are immediately discounted as being hateful or racist?     

In this environment The Bible has been dubbed as “hate speech” and millions of Americans believe it to be so.   

It’s total madness. 

But, instead of fighting for the language, GOPers acquiesce to the PC environment and foolishly try to make their case under PC rules.  That’s why when a Republican says or does something dumb or embarrassing, Republicans are quick to employ the circular firing squad and chuck the offender over the side.  It’s happened again this week with Republicans turning on Mitt Romney for having the nerve to be honest about how President Obama won the election.   

John Podhoretz wrote of Romney:
“Obama and his team, Romney said, were“very generous in what they gave to those groups.” He mentioned certain immigration reforms the White House designed without the need for congressional vote and ObamaCare policies mandating free contraception and extending a child’s ability to stay on his parents’ insurance to the age of 26.”

Didn’t Obama do that?  So according to Pdhoretz we cannot acknowledge how Obama’s actions had a huge affect on voters that expect the government to five them stuff? 

 Pdhoretz also wrote:
“Aside from being bad sportsmanship — Romney basically said Obama won by cheating — he was displaying the same obtuseness about the wants and needs of ordinary people that did more to torpedo his campaign than any goodies Obama might have had to dole out”.

Where was this criticism during the campaign?  It’s eay for Podhoretz to Monday morning Quarterback after the fact, but Podhoretz again is refusing to acknowledge that Obama knew that millions of Americans want “free stuff” and he set policies to attract their votes.  But, GOPers think it’s politically incorrect to say it openly for fear of how people would think.      

What Romney did wrong was to listen to the same politically correct sensitive consultants who advised him not to attack Obama personally.  So for the second election cycle in a row we didn’t hear about Obama’s radical associations like Jeremiah Wright or domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn.  We didn’t hear about Obama’s admitted cocaine use and other things.  Meanwhile the Obama camp accused Romney of being a felon, a tax cheat, and being responsible for a woman dying of cancer. 

Democrats are allowed to get away with anything like Elizabeth Warren claiming she’s a Native American, or Jesse Jackson Jr winning re-election while being hospitalized for Clinical Depression.     

If these Republicans continue to live in the PC world without trying to change it, they’ll continue to lose all the time.  

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