Friday, November 23, 2012

Leftist Journalism Prof : Thanksgiving is White Supremacists Holiday 'Views Virtually Identical To Nazis: Forgiveness anybody?

I know a good friend of mine who’s also a professor that would agree with the sentiments of this professor.  My question is: Are we gonna heal or is it more profitable for Leftists in terms of money and getting votes to keep the racial strife going?  I think the answer is obvious which is why Liberals are the biggest hypocrite on the planet.  They don’t wanna heal a damn thing.  There’s too much money and votes to collect from the very people they say they protect.  

Forget all that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, today should be a day of fasting and atonement for American “sin.” That’s according to Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Jensen, known for his hard-left politics, also calls Thanksgiving a “white-supremacist holiday.”

Jensen’s opinion piece “No Thanks for Thanksgiving,” appeared on the far-left, Soros-connected website Alternet on Thanksgiving eve. In it, he wrote how Native Americans suffered because of the “European invasion of the Americas.” He went on to compare the Founding Fathers to Nazi Germany. “How does a country deal with the fact that some of its most revered historical figures had certain moral values and political views virtually identical to Nazis?” he asked.

According to Jensen, Thanksgiving is “at the heart of U.S. myth-building. “But in the United States, this reluctance to acknowledge our original sin -- the genocide of indigenous people -- is of special importance today,” he explained.

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