Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Road to find America again


The first step to fix America from the damage Obama will impose upon it is to rid the Republican Party of Me Too/RINO Republicans.  Change has to come from the grassroots and it won’t be easy.  The media and the GOP establishment will fight us every step of the way.  But, the fight must take place on every level of government be it local, state and especially national.

New York and California
It’s ridiculous to give up these two electorally rich states to the Democrats every national election as if they were birthrights.  Work has to start to wrestle control of either one of these states from the tyranny of Liberalism and our younger generation has to be the patriot freedom fighters on the front lines to make this happen. 

Pop Culture
For too long we have ceded Pop Culture to Liberalism.  That has to change and the message of conservatism needs to permeate Pop Culture and make it a “cool” thing again to be a conservative.  We must engage in Pop Culture: books, movies, TV show, social media and everything else.  There needs to be a counter insurgency of ideas because every subject is political in one way or another.  We have to tilt opinion in an engaging way that gets the results we want. 

Political Correctness
This is perhaps the most important paradigm to consider.  Nothing has been more destructive to the cause of freedom of expression than political correctness.  If we continue to operate within the constraints of PC, then we have lost the debate before we even open our mouths to speak.  The way to fight PC is relatively simple. 
1.     Never accept the Liberal premise of ANY issue.
2.     Challenge the foolishness of it. 
3.     Then reframe the debate to where it ought to be.     
4.     Then argue forward

This task cannot be accomplished in one election cycle.  In fact this work may take 20 to 30 years.  But, the time necessary to make this happen is well worth it because freedom is always more preferable than slavery. 

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