Saturday, November 17, 2012

UK Man Adrian Smith demoted for opposing 'gay' marriage gets job back

This guy was demoted for what he said on Facebook?  People are not allowed to have religious beliefs anymore?  If this is how society is getting better, then we need to fight the secular tide until it’s a grease spot on the floor!

A Christian housing worker who was demoted for criticizing gay marriage on Facebook today won his battle to get his job back. 

AdrianSmith, 55, lost his managerial position, had his salary cut by 40 per cent and was given a final written warning by Manchester’s Trafford Housing Trust after posting that gay weddings in churches were ‘an equality too far’. 

Mr Smith was today awarded less than £100 compensation at London’s High Court after winning his legal action for breach of contract. 

Mr Justice Briggs, ruling in his favor today, said he had ‘real disquiet’ about the limited financial award for Mr Smith, who was only paid the difference between his contractual salary and the amount he earned for the 12 weeks after he took on the reduced role.

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  1. It isn't true that Adrian Smith has got his job back. That is misinformation. If you think he should get his job back, please sign the petition "Reinstate or compensate Adrian Smith". There is a link on my blog.


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