Sunday, November 11, 2012

VIDEO: SNL': Mitt Romney Drowns Post-Election Sorrows In Milk

You knew SNL was gonna have their gloat. 

In the first post-election episode of the season, "Saturday Night Live" bid farewell to Mitt Romney in a cold open sketch that imagined what he must have done after conceding to President Obama (hint: it involves a LOT of milk).

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  1. Thanks for posting the clip, Samuel. I couldn't watch the show last night, because I was stuck working late in my office at DISH. I really wanted to see Anne Hathaway's third appearance, but I wasn't worried about missing the show because it's available at the next day. I just got finished with the episode, and I was a little disappointed. For the first episode after a long, heated election, I expected more from the SNL crew. The cold open was a little funny, but it wasn't the laugh I wanted to end this election cycle with. I guess that's what Colbert and the Daily Show are for.


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