Monday, December 3, 2012

Anger at California 'maternity mansion' where Chinese pregnant woman pay to give birth so their babies will be American citizens

This is outrageous, but not surprised it’s happening in the Peoples’ Republic of California. 

Neighbors say the home is a 'maternity mansion,' a hotel where Chinese women stay for the last few months of their pregnancy so their children are born on American soil - and are therefore American citizens. 

Experts say the practice is widespread and that authorities are nearly powerless to stop it. The 14th Amendment guarantees that any person born in the United States is an American citizen and is afforded all the rights granted by the Constitution.
'I do believe they are taking advantage of a loophole that has been found. Because what I understand after doing my research and homework is that it is an epidemic and it's nationwide,' Rossana Mitchell, a Chino Hills resident who is trying to shut down the 'maternity mansion' in her neighborhood, told KABC-TV.

The Chino Hills home is owned by Hai Yong Wu, a Chinese national who operates the website 

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