Monday, December 31, 2012

Biblical names fall out of favor in U.S as top 10 boys and girls names revealed

Another bad trend in a slew of bad trends plaguing the country.  Bible names are the best!

Biblical names are out and pop culture is in for America's newborns - if this year's list of most popular baby names are anything to go by.

The once hearty trend of parents naming their babies after Biblical scripture has shown a steady decline in recent years according to an annual baby name report by

What can be gathered in supplement shows a perhaps surprising uptick in inspiration from pop culture such as erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, TV show Downton Abbey and even Apple electronics.
Among names taken from the Bible for 2012 there were just three boys' names among the list of top 10 - Ethan, Noah and Jacob - while none made the top 10 list for girls.

That's a stark contrast from 12 years ago when Biblical names dominated the top 10 list, in 2000 it being: Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Joseph, Joshua, and Andrew.

For girls in 2000 it was Hannah, Sarah and Elizabeth.

2012'S TOP 10 NAMES

1.     Aiden
2.     Jackson
3.     Ethan
4.     Liam
5.     Mason
6.     Noah
7.     Lucas
8.     Jacob
9.     Jayden
10. Jack 

1.     Sophia
2.     Emma
3.     Olivia
4.     Isabella
5.     Ava
6.     Lily
7.     Zoe
8.     Chloe
9.     Mia
10. Madison

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