Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Corrupt Media asking: Is the Tea Party done? Conservative right wing movement may be dead as Republican leaders agree to compromise on taxes

Hell No, We’re not Done!

This article is taken from the British website the Daily Mail.  I think it’s important to realize that its crunch time for Conservatives to take control of the Party.  The first step is kicking John Boehner’s ass out of the Speakership.

Tea Party conservatives now face a much less receptive welcome in the Republican party as even GOP leaders admit that they must give away some of their ground on taxes in order to reach a compromise for the fiscal cliff. 

The fact that the ultra-conservative segment of the Republican party lost a significant amount of power after the election comes as little surprise, as the vast majority of the candidates that they backed were not elected, coupled with the fact that a host of the politicians they helped get elected in 2010 were booted out. 

But now that Speaker John Boehner has offered to allow higher taxes in exchange for a deal on the looming fiscal cliff negotiations, the group has effectively seen their legs knocked out from underneath them by their own leader. 

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