Sunday, December 2, 2012

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood using sex attacks against women demonstrators and paying gangs to beat men protesting in Egypt'

And President Obama is still giving Egypt billions in foreign aid!  This is what our American tax dollars are paying for.  Where are all the Liberal Women’s groups voicing their outrage? 

(London Daily Mail) Egypt’s ruling party is paying gangs of thugs to sexually assaultwomen protesting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square against President Mohamed Morsi, activists said. 

They also said the Muslim Brotherhood is paying gangs to beat up men who are taking part in the latest round of protests, which followed a decree by President Morsi to give himself sweeping new powers. 

It comes as the Muslim Brotherhood co-ordinated a demonstration today in support of President Mohamed Morsi, who is rushing through a constitution to try to defuse opposition fury over his newly expanded powers.

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