Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kansas City football star Jovan Belcher, 25, shoots his girlfriend dead before killing himself in front of coaches at Chiefs' stadium

At 25 this young man was still a baby in life.  What could possibly drive him to commit such a horrific thing?

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, 25, fatally shot his girlfriend early Saturday, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager after first thanking them for everything they had done for him, police said.
Authorities did not immediately release a possible motive for the murder-suicide, which stunned the team and came one day before a home game against the Carolina Panthers. The NFL said the game would go on as scheduled.
Belcher's dead girlfriend is believed to be Kasandra Perkins, although that has yet to be officially confirmed. On Facebook, a profile for Kasandra Perkins includes pictures of her with Belcher, whom she refers to as her boyfriend. Belcher and his girlfriend had a baby less than three months ago on September 11.

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