Saturday, December 29, 2012

Man paid $70,000 to store stolen Corvette for 23 Years ... then confessed to crime

This story is defiantly one for the weird files!

A mint-condition Corvette stolen from a San Diego car dealership 23 years ago has sold on eBay for the original sticker price -- with the original sales sticker still on the window.

The cherry-red 1989 convertible, with only 67 miles on the odometer, was won Sunday on eBay by Mike Robertson, a Newport Beach advertising executive.

It's to be delivered Monday.

According to reports, an 'Irish immigrant' was 'coerced by gangsters' to steal a brand new Corvette 23 years ago and then put it in storage where it ran up a $70,000 bill. Corky Rice recently sold the car on eBay
Police recovered the Corvette in September in a San Diego self-storage unit after the suspected thief stopped paying the monthly fee.
He'd paid out about $70,000 over the years.
Authorities say man was cooperative and didn't charge him. 

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  1. What a story we have got here! :) But good thing the car isn't from any of the Auto Dealer In Texas that of I know. :)


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