Sunday, January 13, 2013

400lb NYC woman Ulanda Williams falls through sidewalk claims the fall would have killed a thinner woman

This could have happened to anybody if the sidewalk was that weak.

A 400-pound woman who fell through a New York sidewalk claims that her size actually came to her rescue and that a slimmer woman may not have survived the accident.

Ulanda Williams, 32, of Queens, was attempting to shelter from the rain outside a restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side on Friday night when the ground collapsed beneath her.  

The six-foot-five woman fell about seven feet into a hollow basement, breaking her arm in two places and had to be rescued by the fire department with a crane.

But after being released from hospital a bruised Williams told the New York Post: 'Thank God, they said that my size was the only thing that saved me.'

The social worker, from Springfield Gardens, had cuts on her face and neck and was wearing an arm brace as she left New York-Presbyterian hospital.

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  1. Even though, everyone has jokes on Ulanda Williams fall and her weight, her heart match every bit of it. During Sandy, Ulanda spent hours helping my group MakeMyMotherProud in the Far Rockaway community helping Sanday victims. Ulanda and I attended Beach Channel High School together. When Ulanda saw my group out in the commnity working hard helping in the community, she called me and said “Lakia I want to help my home”. She was raised in the Far Rockaway community in Ocean Village and even though she is her size- she didn’t let that stop her from coming out and giving back. Working long hours on her feet and moving from location to location.

  2. According to reports the woman had just stepped backwards to take shelter the rain under an awning when the four foot by six foot slab of concrete gave way. Inspectors with the Department of Buildings determined that defective steel doors and a loose staircase were responsible for the sidewalk collapse. There is some stir about her weight. Assumptions of her weight causing the collapse are possibly poorly misguided.


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