Thursday, January 24, 2013

93 Harry Irwin, accused of killing wife, 95, after 70 years of marriage saying 'I couldn't take it anymore'

I guess he finally lost his patience!

A 93-year-old Kansas City man has been charged with stabbing his 95-year-old wife to death, allegedly telling a nurse afterwards: 'I couldn't take it anymore'. 

Harry Irwin is accused of stabbing Grace Irwin, his partner of 70 years and mother of his seven children, on Wednesday, before trying to kill himself, according to the Kansas City Star

Irwin, his wife's primary carer after since she suffered debilitating cancer, slit his own wrists and plunged a knife into his chest after the alleged stabbing. 

Court records seen by the newspaper, claim Irwin admitted killing his wife to a paramedic at the scene before adding;  'And then killed myself. Why am I still awake?'

The paper reports he is also alleged to have told a shift nurse he 'couldn't take it anymore' and saying he killed his wife because she was 'arguing and screaming at him all night'.

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