Monday, January 28, 2013

Al Sharpton Shamelessly Blames the NRA for the Deaths of a Chicago Mother’s Four Children Instead of Black on Black Crime

It’s no news to most people that Al Sharpton is a dishonest man. But, on his latest show he had the nerve to say guns killed a Chicago Mother’s four children!
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Although I feel deeply for the loss of Shirley Chamber’s four children, let’s set the record straight. Guns by themselves did not kill her children. It was other African Americans using illegal guns that did the horrible deed. Blaming the NRA is just a cheap deflection away from the true facts.

 In addition to this, Black leaders in Chicago have brow beaten the Chicago Police Department not to use “Stop and Frisk” policing to remove illegal guns of the street because they claim it unfairly discriminates against African Americans.

Well who the hell do they think has the illegal guns?

 In my opinion these so-called black leaders like Jesse Jackson have as much blood on their hands as the actual gangbangers who do the shooting! Follow me on Twitter@thelasttradio

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