Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bill Kristol’s Influence on the GOP is the Reason Why the Party is in Shambles

A conservative pundit, who encouraged a political Party to throw away its principles, is a pundit not worth a sack of shit! 

Such is the case with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol who championed the GOP’s decision to abandon their principles and raise taxes on the so-called Rich.   It’s a betrayal of what the Republican Party supposed to stand for.  And if the GOP continues to listen to Kristol’s scandalous advice, then they deserve the wrath and calamity that is to come.             

n the weeks since Election Day — as Mitt Romney faded into obscurity, John Boehner lost control of the House GOP and tea partiers turned on one another — Bill Kristol has been busy charting the future of the Republican Party.

Kristol was among the first conservatives to break with GOP orthodoxy on raising taxes, and he and his allies advanced their hawkish neoconservative foreign policy by pushing the controversy that sank Susan Rice’s potential nomination for secretary of state.
And Kristol is just getting started.

One Kristol-linked group, the Emergency Committee for Israel, has already aired ads targeting former Sen. Chuck Hagel, who is Obama’s nominee for defense secretary and is planning a “substantial” paid-media campaign opposing the nomination. Kristol believes Hagel is both a “bitter opponent of Israel” and “very weak on Iran.”

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