Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chicago pays $22.5 MILLION to woman Christina Eilman who was gang raped after inept Chicago Police Dept botched her case

So in addition to Chicago being a killing field for African Americans who are massacred on a weekly basis, their inept police can’t properly investigate the case of this poor woman who was gang raped! 

The city of Chicago agreed today to pay a record $22.5 million to a woman who was released from police custody in 2006 and instead of being taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, she was released into a high crime area where she was gang raped and plummeted seven stories. 

ChristinaEilman, was 21-years-old when the crime occurred and she suffered permanent brain damage from the fall and has needed constant medical care ever since. 

Eilman, who is bipolar, was taken into police custody at Midway Airport after suffering a mental breakdown on her flight from California. 

Rather than bring Eilman to a hospital, police released her after 29 hours in custody, despite her parents calling at least nine times to warn them about her mental health status and that she was having an episode.
Police later testified at a deposition hearing that she was visibly agitated and should have been taken to the hospital. Witnesses said she was throwing herself against the bars in her jail cell.

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