Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GOP fury as Obama fails to include guarantee of tougher border controls in blueprint that allows 11 million illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens

It’s clear that Obama has no intention on wanting to sign an immigration bill any time soon.  He may talk like he wants it done, but he much rather have the issue around to demagogue his case and hammer the GOP with it for the 2014 midterm elections. 

President Barack Obama managed to provoke the ire of Republicans before he even unveiled his  immigration reform plan this afternoon
The president is refusing to tie tougher border enforcement to his proposal that would allow 11million illegal immigrants to become American citizens.

Obama, who campaigned on giving undocumented immigrants 'a pathway to citizenship,' laid out his plan this afternoon, claiming it is similar to the one proposed on Monday by a bipartisan group in the U.S. Senate. 

His proposal includes stepped up enforcement - like a new program to that would help businesses verify the immigration status of applicants before hiring them. The lynchpin, though, is a provision that would give illegal immigrants legal status if they register with the government, pay a fine and back taxes and learn English.

The president said Congress must also act to make legal immigration easier for highly-educated and highly-skilled foreigners who want to settle in the United States. 
'We need congress to act on the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are in the country right now,' he said. 

Later he added: 'Remember that this is not just a debate about policy, it’s about people. It’s about men, women,' the president said. 'They want nothing more than the chance to earn their way into the American story.'

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