Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Liquid gold': How Tide laundry detergent is being used as hard currency by drug addicts buying crack on the street

I heard about this several months ago.  It’s beginning to get worldwide attention. 

Police have finally discovered why Tide laundry detergent is fast becoming one of the most-stolen item from shops and grocery stores in recent months - drug addicts are selling it or exchanging it to buy crack.

The pricey detergent - which has been America's number one since it was first released in 1946 - is known as 'liquid gold' on the streets, with a 150-ounce bottle going for either $5 cash or $10 of weed or crack cocaine. 

In grocery stores, it sells at upwards of $20 per 150-ounce bottle, about 50 per cent more than the average liquid detergent so is easily sold on to privately-owned retail stores for a profit.
Police first reported the strange crime wave sweeping the nation in March of last year and were baffled as to the sudden surge in theft of the highly-recognizable brand.

An investigation headed by Sergeant Aubrey Thompson in Maryland found some explanation as to why.
The bright orange jugs became ad hoc street currency due to the fact it was such a popular house-hold name - whatever the income - and people were not prepared to forego buying the brand even in recessionary times because it was associated with quality.

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