Thursday, January 3, 2013

Republicans re-elect Bozo the Clown aka John Boehner Speaker Guaranteeing Future Political Victories for President Obama

I have no faith in a party that cowers under feather light pressure from any quarter.  These feckless GOPers in Washington are a collection of Jellyfish that quickly sell out conservative principles at the drop of a hat.  Re-electing a disgrace like John Boehner only reaffirms to the world that the Republican Party is dead and the ruination of this country under President Obama’s policies has no resistance in Congress whatsoever!

Only God can save the Republic!  The Republican party is a non-factor!    

The House narrowly re-elected Speaker John A. Boehner on Thursday to lead the chamber into the 113th Congress after a rebellion among some fellow House Republicans fell short — though not without drama.
Nine Republicans defected, three didn’t vote and one voted “present” — which brought Mr. Boehner perilously close to having to go to a second ballot against Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Democrats’ nominee. But he earned 220 votes, or three more than needed to claim the speakership.
Mr. Boehner said the new Congress, like the last one, would be dominated by trying to lessen the debt burden that will be passed on to future generations. And he said that will require tough decisions by the members.
“So if you have come here to see your name in lights or to pass off political victory as accomplishment, you have come to the wrong place. The door is right behind you,” he said as he took the gavel for the second Congress in a row from Mrs. Pelosi, who as minority leader by tradition hands the gavel to the speaker.
“If you have come here humbled by the opportunity to serve; if you have come here to be the determined voice of the people; if you have come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not just by our constituents but by the times, then you have come to the right place,” he said.
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