Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Woman in charge: The beautiful blonde Secret Service agent guarding Obamas' motorcade

She’s good looking and heavily armed!

A woman was in the ranks of the elite squad of Secret Service agents guarding President Obama’s vehicle this afternoon in the motorcade that passed down Pennsylvania Avenue.
The unknown woman, with her blonde hair slicked back into a ponytail, stood on the left side of Mr Obama’s Cadillac, walking in stride with the other agents.

The cavalcade slowly made it was way from Capitol Hill to the White House, with Mr Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama exiting at one point, waving to the hundreds of thousands of people along the mall.
The unknown woman flanked the first agent on the driver’s side of the car with her jacket open, despite the chill in Washington today, to reveal a white button-down shirt below. She, unlike the first lady, wore flats for the day's events.

The agents walked all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, a tradition which dates back to the first inauguration of President George Washington.

The first organized parade happened in 1809, but it would be many decades until women were allowed to participate. It was at Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration in 1917 that women were finally allowed to march.

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