Sunday, February 10, 2013

African American Family Suing Disney’s White Rabbit for Racism

Where’s the NAACP when you need them?  

If true this sounds like legitimate racism that needs to be stomped out.  Unfortunately, race hustlers have tainted the reports of racism by calling virtually everything under the sun racist.  

So when a real case comes along, people are skeptical.  We all need to be more responsible with our accusations so when real incidents happen, they stand out and everybody can agree.  

According to a lawsuit, the Black family went to Disneyland and got shunned by the White Rabbit—literally. The San Diego family is suing the amusement park because, they say, the employee playing the Alice in Wonderland character was racist. Last August, 6-year-old Jason Black tried to hug the "rabbit" and his older brother Elijah tried to hold his hand, but the employee ignored the boys, they tell Fox News.

"The rabbit was turning his back on him like he didn't even want to touch him," Elijah recalls. "I went up to try to hold his hand but he kept on flicking my hand off."
But when two white children approached (the Blacks are black), the character showered them with attention and hugs, the boys' parents say.

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