Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Cabin where fugitive ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner was barricaded burns to the ground after he kills one officer and wounds another

A very sad aspect of this story is many people will consider Chris Dorner a hero when he’s nothing but a ex cop turned criminal mass murderer!

The cabin where Christopher Dorner was believed to be hiding has burned to the ground two hours after the ex-LAPD cop took cover there following a raging gun battle in which he killed a sheriff's deputy and wounded another.
The small building caught fire about 4.15pm local time after SWAT officers fired several tear gas canisters into the windows. The blaze spread rapidly, but deputies did not appear to budge from their positions.

A single gunshot was heard coming from inside the cabin before the cabin was fully engulfed.

SWAT officers stood down and walked away from the building about 45 minutes after the cabin burned down, KCAL-TV reported.

Earlier in the afternoon, hundreds of gunshots could be heard coming from the woods in San Bernardino National Forest as officers exchanged assault weapons fire with Dorner, who has promised to 'wage war' against police and kill any officers who tried to stop him.

Dorner, a combat-trained U.S. Navy reserve officer, shot two San Bernardino sheriff's deputies as he tried to make an escape from the cabin, but was driven back inside under heavy gunfire. 

He then bailed out of the truck and fled through the mountains on foot.
Federal agents and San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies pursued him and engaged him in a gun battle, KCAL-TV reports. 

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