Monday, February 4, 2013

But they won! Fans riot in Baltimore as the Ravens become Super Bowl champions

This is what separates New York from other stupid cities in the United States.  When we win a championship, and we’ve won more than any other American city, New Yorkers don’t go out and destroy property. 

We just celebrate!

Celebration swept through New Orleans and rioting broke out in Baltimore with fans either celebrating victory or mourning defeat at the end of Super Bowl XLVII.
At the end of a riveting football game inside the Superdome, the Ravens managed to best a resurgent San Francisco team 34-31, after the Ravens survived a spirited second-half comeback from their illustrious opponents led by inspired quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

This was the 10th time New Orleans hosted the big game -- tying Miami for most in a city -- and first since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Big Easy in August 2005.
The celebration in Baltimore got so out of control police were even called in to shut down traffic on southbound I-83 at 28th Street. 

Police on horseback were even called out to being patrols and there were reports of fans tipping over a car in the Federal Hill area.
There were even reports of looting at a 7-11.

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  1. Maybe they were cranky because the blackout kept them up past their bedtimes?


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