Friday, February 8, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson’s Speech at National Prayer Breakfast Takes on Obama and Leftism

RushLimbaugh was so taken with Dr. Carson’s speech yesterday, he devoted a segment of his show to the man who had the guts to get in Obama’s face.  Carson’s speech was pure conservatism.  And he gave it with Obama sitting no more than four feet away from him.   

My friend Will Jacobson of Legal Insurrection obtained Dr. Carson’s full presentation.    

This video of Dr. Benjamin Carson, Sr. speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast is getting attention.

It was forwarded to me by Linda in Tennessee:
Watch Obama squirm and cover his mouth with his fingers
If you’re looking for positive reinforcement, you’ll be cheering Dr Carson’s courage to take it to the leftist-in-chief.

The action got hot at the 18:00 mark, when he brought up the national debt and misplaced notions of tax fairness and taxing the rich.  By the time he got to health savings accounts, when The One was not laughing any more.

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