Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Funnyman Jason Manford paid £60 for web sex

The Sun

Funnyman exposed himself in nude cyber sex chat

Manhood ... married comic Jason Manford exposed himself to stripper

TELLY’S Jason Manford exposed himself on a webcam as he paid £60 for cybersex with a stripper.

The starkers ex-presenter of The One Show went on to pester the web girl for her private phone number — despite brazenly mentioning his wife. 

‘Stacey’ said after The Sun’s revelation that the shamed comic, 31, had been sex-texting again: “I was amazed it was him.” 

The stripper also told yesterday how Manford exposed his manhood to her as the sleazy TV star paid for the cybersex. 

The 22-year-old — whose job on a seedy website was to get naked for punters — said she was gobsmacked as the comic logged on. 

Married Manford — who quit as presenter of The One Show after The Sun exposed raunchy messages he sent to a fan — was starkers in a hotel room while on a stand-up tour.
The girl said after we revealed how the shamed dad of three had been exchanging sex messages again: “He immediately asked me to get my boobs out.” 

She told how he was clearly pleasuring himself — and at one stage lowered his webcam to his lap, asking if she was impressed. 

Stacey — not her real name — said: “I managed not to giggle, and said, ‘Very nice’.”
When Manford first logged on to the £1.40-a-minute adult site — using the alias David19788 to exchange messages as she stripped — Stacey thought it was just another punter because he kept his webcam off. 

She said: “He could see me but I couldn’t see who he was. Usually punters are asking me all sorts of weird stuff to get them excited — instead he got turned on by wanting to know what TV I watched and what comedians I liked. 

"I said, ‘Russell Howard and Jason Manford’. He seemed really pleased by that.
"He kept asking me questions about Jason — then announced from nowhere, ‘Would you like to f*** Jason Manford?’ He told me he WAS Jason Manford. I didn’t believe him and laughed. 

"As we carried on messaging each other I looked him up on Wikipedia and began asking questions no one else would know. 

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