Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hypocrisy Files: Cayman Islands investment not a problem for Jack Lew as it was for Romney

Where would politics be without having to suck on a double standards for Democrats?

An investment Jack Lew made in the Cayman Islands has been flagged as an issue in the Treasury secretary nominee’s vetting by the Senate Finance Committee, according to multiple sources close to the confirmation process.

The White House says the investment was previously disclosed and is already a public matter.

Republican staff “have told us that there are concerns,” said Sean Neary, a spokesman for Finance Committee Democrats. “This came out through the vetting process in prior confirmations. Once it was looked into deeper, it was determined that it was not an issue. Lew has been completely transparent and forthcoming through any and all questions that have been posed.”

Lew is scheduled to appear at a confirmation hearing before the committee on Feb. 13.
“That Mr. Lew had an investment in the Caymans from 2007 through 2010 will likely draw questions during his nomination hearing,” said Antonia Ferrier, a spokeswoman for Finance Committee Republicans.

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