Friday, February 8, 2013

Killer Ex-L.A. Cop, 3 Dead, Sends CNN's Anderson Cooper a Bullet-Riddled Coin

 Notice how the media isn't playing up this story because the man is a liberal and black.  But, if this was a white guy, they'd be all over it 24/7.

The disgraced Los Angeles police officer who is suspected of shooting dead three people, including an on-duty officer, sent CNN's Anderson Cooper a package detailing his vendetta against the LAPD, it was revealed Thursday night.

Christopher Jordan Dorner included a bullet-riddled souvenir coin given to him by the previous LAPD police chief, who oversaw his firing from the department in 2008. Dorner also included a DVD and notes in which he outlined his belief that he was fired by a 'corrupt' police department after he reported a superior for police brutality.

He also posted a bizarre, rambling 6,000 word manifesto on Facebook that detailed his disciplinary hearing and firing. In it, he promises to seek revenge against the people he believes were responsible for removing him from the department.
'I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own... so I am terminating yours,' 
he wrote.

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