Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mississippi's First Gay Mayoral Cand Marco McMillian found Murdered Body Dumped on River Bank

I guess somebody in Mississippi don’t play that!

Mississippi's first openly gay mayoral candidate, described as a 'passionate public servant' was found murdered and his body dumped alongside the river today. 

The body of Marco McMillian, 34, was found on the Mississippi River levee at around 10am. 

Coahoma County Coroner Scotty Meredith confirmed the body belonged to McMillian, a dedicated democrat who was running to become mayor of Clarksdale. 

Campaign supporters and residents today remembered the politician as a dedicated community activist and a legitimate candidate for office. 

The local sheriff's department said a 'person of interest' had been taken into custody in connection to the death but had not been charged.

Neither local police nor the coroner would provide further details of the cause of death but it is known the politician's body was found between Sherard and Rena Lara.

Authorities had been looking for McMillian since a man crashed the candidate's car into another vehicle on yesterday. McMillian was not in the car and was soon reported missing. 

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