Friday, February 22, 2013

NBC “Obama Suck Up Network” Falls To Fifth Place In TV Ratings Behind Univision For February

No other network in America is more in the tank for President Obama than NBC.  And the numbers don’t lie that Americans are voting with their TV remotes. 

More bad news for NBC: The one-time No. 1 network has fallen to fifth place in the Nielsen TV ratings during the important February sweeps period, according to

Sweeps occurs three times for four-week periods each year, when networks inundate TV audiences with hairpin plot turns, tear-inducing weddings, jaw-dropping deaths and more major moments all in the hopes of giving their ratings a vital boost during the critical periods when Nielsen surveys the country's TV viewing habits.
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  1. Another sad Commentary for the supposed NON-RACIST CONSERVATIVE RIGHT influence on the AMERICAN WAY of Life......


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