Thursday, February 7, 2013

Staten Island Mom Sarai Sierra who was killed in Turkey 'had sex with a man she met online a day before she went missing'

On a previous post I asked what kind of mother leaves her husband and two children to go on vacation by herself to Turkey?  It appears the kind of woman who wanted to go on a sex romp with a guy she met online months earlier. 

The married New York mother who was murdered while on a solo trip to Turkey had sex the day before she vanished with a man she met on the internet, he has claimed.
'Taylan K' has been interviewed at length by Istanbul police after they discovered his online communication with 33-year-old Sarai Sierra, but he had initially insisted they were just friends.

Now Turkey's Vatan newspaper has claimed Taylan told police they had consensual sex a day before Sierra went missing. The duo had met online months before Sierra left for Turkey on January 7.

It adds yet more intrigue to the circumstances surrounding Sierra's death after earlier reports she was hanging out with 'a criminal element' before she was killed. The FBI is also reportedly investigating whether she was involved in drug trafficking during her visit to the country.

Taylan, who first met Sierra online several months ago when he commented on one of her photographs on Instagram, denied having any part in her disappearance or murder.
He added that he sent her a message on the day she vanished and asked her to meet, but she never responded. Police have taken a blood and sperm sample from Taylan and 21 others.

Sierra's body was found stashed by Istanbul's ancient city walls on Saturday, more than a week after she failed to catch her flight home. Police said she died from a blunt force trauma.

She was found with a head wound and a blanket near her body. She was wearing jeans, a jumper and a jacket, and still had her earrings and a bracelet on, but her iPhone and iPad were missing.

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