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Staten Island Mom’s Husband Steve Sierra: 'If you are not happy then just leave': Sarai Sierra Was Murdered Weeks Later in Turkey

The mystery of Sarai Sierra keeps getting more bizarre and clear with each passing day.  Was this a unhappy woman looking for adventure? Or was she a selfish sex crazy mother willing to leave her husband and children to fulfill her own fantasies?   

Review of Sarai Sierra Story
  • Sarai Sierra, 33, was killed by a fatal blow to the head during trip to Istanbul
  • The mother-of-two's body was found on February 2 - she had not spoken to her husband since January 14
  • According to sources who saw the forensic report, she also had extensive trauma to her torso and right hip, bruises on her legs and a chin wound

The husband of the New York mother bludgeoned to death during a solo trip to Istanbul posted a series of cryptic online messages about cheating and bad relationships in the weeks prior to her death, it has been revealed.
Steven Sierra wrote on Instagram on December 28 last year: 'Don't cheat in relationship, if you are not happy then just leave.

'A real relationship is where you can tell each other everything & anything. No secrets, no lies.'

Mr Sierra said in a interview with Hurriyet on Sunday that he had not been in conversation with his wife since January 14.

The grieving father told the paper: 'At the beginning we were talking on Skype. I was following the photos she put on Instagram. But times didn't match because of the time difference. I was working when she is at the hotel [her flat]. The last time I heard from her was 14th of Jan. The next day she called home and spoke to the kids, I was at work that time.'

On the day that Sarai left for her solo trip to Turkey on January 7, her husband wrote on Instagram: 'Good relationship [sic] don't just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.

On January 17, he added to his account: 'People are to be LOVED. Things are to be USED. The reason why the world is in chaos is because THINGS are being LOVED and PEOPLE are being used.'
The emotional and public declaration came five days before Mrs Sierra was scheduled to board a plane back to U.S. She never showed up for the flight. The young mother's body was found next to the city walls on February 2.

The messages were revealed after it came to light that her husband alerted her alleged lover that Sarai was missing on the day she failed to return home.
Sarai Sierra's husband frantically messaged the Turkish man since accused of having sex with her in a desperate plea for his help in finding her after she failed to return to New York, the New York Daily News reports.

The man identified as Taylan K told police that Steven Sierra logged onto one of his wife's online accounts on January 22, the day she went missing, and discovered the pair's recent communication.

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