Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Staten Island Mon Sarai Sierra killed in Turkey May have Been Trafficking in Drugs

The media malpractice in covering this story is incredible!  What kind of a mother leaves her husband and two children to go alone to a Muslim country?  Her family insists that she went to Turkey to take pictures to indulge her hobby of photography. 

But, she didn’t take a camera!  

 Does that make any sense?  There’s much more to this story than an American murdered in Turkey. 

The New York mother who was killed in Turkey had been hanging out with 'a criminal element' while on the solo trip, a source familiar with the murder investigation has claimed.

FBI agents investigating the killing of Sarai Sierra, who was found bludgeoned to death on Saturday, do not believe she had only travelled to the country to take pictures, as her family has claimed.

'The first people she met up with were a criminal element,' the source told the New York Post. 'There are some witness reports that she was seen with sketchy characters.'
Authorities are now trying to verify these claims amid reports that her casket will be sent back to the United States on Thursday, the Post reported.

Among various lines of inquiry investigators are looking into a possible connection to drug trafficking.

Sierra, who had been unemployed and had declared bankruptcy in 2005, had also travelled to Amsterdam and Munich while on the trip, which was her first time leaving the United States. 

She had initially planned to visit the country for three weeks, but after 12 days she posted online that she had to cut the trip short.
Her family, including her devastated husband Steven Sierra, have said she went to the country because of the photo opportunities. They say she used her iPad and iPhone to shoot the images.

Sierra's body was found stashed by Istanbul's ancient city walls on Saturday, more than a week after she failed to catch her flight home. Police said she died from a blunt force trauma.

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