Sunday, February 10, 2013

Staten Island Mon Sarai Sierra's Husband Alerted Her Secret Lover She Was Missing'

The plot thickens as the media dropped the ball in reporting about the Staten Island mother who abandoned her husband and two kids to get her freak on in Turkey.  More layer are being peeled off this onion that points to a troubled woman who got I over her heard. 

The husband of the New York mother bludgeoned to death during a solo trip to Istanbul alerted her alleged lover that she was missing on the day she failed to return home it's been revealed.

Sarai Sierra's husband frantically messaged the Turkish man since accused of having sex with her in a desperate plea for his help in finding her after she failed to return to New York, the New York Daily News reports.
The man identified as Taylan K told police that Steven Sierra logged onto one of his wife's online accounts on January 22, the day she went missing, and discovered the pair's recent communication.

Taylan 'said that he hadn’t seen Sarai and the last time they met was on Sunday,' his lawyer, Ozkan Polat, told the Daily News of that conversation. 'And then he sent the husband copies of the earlier chats.'

Mr Sierra asked Taylan to contact local authorities in a bid to help find the 33-year-old mother of his two children allegedly unknowing that the man had had sex with her in a bar's bathroom only the night before according to several local reports.
This latest twist comes amid new claims that the mother told the landlord of her rented apartment that she was unmarried in the days before her death.

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Either Sarai 's husband was in on what his wife was doing, or he's a bigger chump than Mantti T'eo!

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