Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dubious Report says most gay and lesbian students in New York City are harassed because of their sexuality

I find that very surprising considering New York is such a Liberal Mecca?  But, the folks who did the study have an agenda.

Most of New York’s gay and lesbian students are being harassed at school because of their sexuality, a new report found.

According to “School Climate in New York,” from the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, the majority of students in the state who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender have been victimized because of their sexual orientation, are routinely exposed to homophobic slurs and, in some cases, have been physically assaulted.

“I’m not surprised to hear the results of that,” said Sir Ari Gold, a gay singer who grew up in the Bronx. “I think while a lot of people seem to think things like homophobia are not as prevalent...I think there is so much ways to go as far as education goes.”
The report highlights 469 LGBTQ youths’ experiences in middle and high school in New York State.

It found that eight out of students 10 surveyed said they’d been verbally abused because of their sexual orientation, while one in five said they were physically assaulted. One in 10 said they’d been assailed with a weapon because of their sexuality.
Billboard recording artist Adam Barta, who is openly gay and grew up in the Bronx, said unchecked bullying of LGBT students can wreak havoc in their lives.

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Well, there’s always San Francisco.

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