Monday, March 25, 2013

New Jersey Democrat Assemblyman Joe Cryan loves bondage, spanking, and secret emails

Who is cryin’ now?  Say it ain’t so, Joe?

A powerful New Jersey Democrat who’s being touted as the party’s next state chairman has an insatiable lust for bondage, oral sex and spanking, secret e-mails obtained by The Post reveal.
Assemblyman Joe Cryan, of Union, graphically spelled out his kinky proclivities in more than 150 e-mails that he sent to a lobbyist — and then fought to keep them hidden after he stunned the state political world by having her busted for stalking in 2006.
After her arrest, Karen Golding said that they were intimately involved — and that she had the e-mails to prove it. Cryan has denied the relationship.

Cryan urged prosecutors for years to keep the courts from releasing the e-mails’ sexually charged content, while Golding pushed to get them out, first referring to them in court papers in 2009.

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