Wednesday, April 10, 2013

150 Labour MPs snub Commons Maggie tribute: A Disgrace and Shameful Display

All those who didn’t attend bring shame to the United Kingdom!

 The Sun

TORY MPs pack their side of the Commons for yesterday’s tributes to Baroness Thatcher — as the opposition benches stand largely empty.

Some 150 Left-wingers stayed away from the special session, called to honour the 87-year-old former Conservative PM following her death from a stroke on Monday.
Friends and foes from both the Baroness’s era and the present day buried the hatchet for the ten-hour sitting — staged during the Easter recess. 

Members sat in respectful silence to hear each other’s tributes to Britain’s first and only woman Prime Minister — although firebrand Left-winger Glenda Jackson drew angry jeers for SAVAGING the Iron Lady. 

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