Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chris Broussard was courageous one, not Jason Collins

It was really amusing to hear the media wax poetic about how courageous Jason Collins was to announce that he was a homosexual. 

How much courage is really required to be universally applauded by a fawning media pushing a political agenda? It’s really tough to receive a congratulatory phone call from the president of the United States.  Collins might’ve pulled a neck muscle lifting the phone to his mouth.  These things do happen. 

But, I think the real courageous act was performed by NBA analyst Chris Broussard who had the stones to stand up for religious freedom.  He unabashedly pointed out that homosexuality is an open rebellion to God Almighty.  And he did live on TV, poking his thumb in the media’s eye not willing to go along with societal madness.  He stood up for traditional Christian values, the kind of values that founded this country.  He’s the one standing alone not getting any aid and comfort from prominent Christian leaders who are too cowardly to stand on the same ground where Chris Broussard planted his feet.   

The media sees to it that the carpet is blush for Jason Collins.  But Chris Broussard?  He’s the lone voice in the wilderness standing for what’s normal and right!

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