Saturday, April 20, 2013

Glenn Beck “I Don't Bluff, I Make Promises': Beck Gives Gov't Until Monday to Come Clean About Saudi National Boston Bombing Cover-Up

Let’s do a quick review: Within 48 hours of the Boston marathon bombing, it was widely reported that the FBI grilled a Saudi national who was at the scene fleeing from the event.  He was quickly demised as a suspect evn though the FBI searched his apartment and removed some undisclosed items. 

Then there were reports that President Obama had a meeting at the WH with a Saudi official the next day.  But the meeting wasn’t on Obama’s public schedule.  Following that meeting reports flew all over the place that the Saudi national was scheduled to be deported. 

These are strange events and Right Wing Watch is reporting that near the end of today's radio broadcast, Glenn Beck declared that the cover-up of the Saudi link to the Boston Marathon bombing makes this the second most important thing (behind 9/11) that he has ever covered in his broadcasting career.  And depending on how the media and the government responds in the coming days, it just might be the most important thing he's ever covered because the response "will either save our country or we will be done."

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