Monday, April 29, 2013

TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton Faces Off With a ‘Blame America’ Blogger on MSNBC

The Blame America first is alive and well in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing!

The Blaze reports on Sunday afternoon, TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton appeared on MSNBC to face off with Guardian columnist and blogger Glenn Greenwald on the subject of the causes of the Boston bombings. Ahead of the appearance, Greenwald alerted his Twitter followers, and also seemed to mock Sexton’s credentials as a terrorism expert.

Mr. Greenwald probably neglected to read Sexton’s resume. It includes two tours in war zones overseas, several years as a CIA analyst and a couple of years with the NYPD Terrorism team, where he worked on the Times Square bomber case — one that also featured pressure cooker bombs like those used in Boston.

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